BASTIDE Hand Cream


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Perfectly sized to go everywhere, this tube is filled with a deeply nourishing formula, with Provence olive oil, lavender extract, and shea butter. Created for dry, hardworking hands and anywhere that could use some TLC. Quickly absorbed with no greasy residue, leaving skin supple and nourished. 


ROSE OLIVIER: scented with the fragrance of Rose Olivier – petally and fresh, with notes of pink peony, olive leaf, and cashmere woods.

AMBRE MAQUIS: scented with the dreamy & complex Ambre Soir fragrance, reminiscent of sunset moments that leave hearts skipping.

FIGUE D'ETE: scented with the fresh Figue d'Ete fragrance, reminiscent of crisp leaves and a juicy, ripened summer fig. 

FLEURS D'ORANGER: scented with Fleur d'Oranger fragrance, a loved heritage favorite of Côté Bastide for a quarter century. 

Usage Tips!

Squeeze the desired amount (a little goes a long way!) into the palm. Rub thoroughly and massage onto thirsty skin. Repeat to heart's desire.