Skincare Tips


Esthetician, Mitra Mansouri, has over 30 years of experience and specializes in skin issues such as sun damage, acne, age spots, dark circles and treatment for pre- and post plastic and laser surgery.

Skin care tips directly from Mitra:
  • Switch from creams/moisturizers to SERUMS! Creams clog the pores, and don't provide any healthy benefits to the face. If your skin is dry and you are looking for relief, try a little argan oil or add a hydrating serum to your routine.
  • When the weather gets colder, only wash your face at night before bed, but EVERY night!
  • Do not bombard your skin with different types of products. Your skin needs to breathe, and using too many products will not only clog your pores, but block oxygen from getting to your skin.
  • When it’s cold and rainy, it is the best time for an herbal peel. It's necessary for all skin types. It helps to lighten discoloration, rejuvenate, stimulate, and refresh the skin. (Avoid chemical and laser peels, they do nothing but damage the skin)