Hear directly from some of C'est Tout's most loyal skincare clients about the results they have seen from working with Mitra.

Katherine Schwarzenegger "When it comes to skin, Mitra Mansouri is a genius! I have been going to her my whole life and every time I leave her store I am bombarded by people asking me who makes my skin look so good. Whether it is waxing or all around skincare, I trust Mitra with it all. She has allowed me to have clean and glowing skin with a skincare routine that is so simple, it seems like a trick. She has a way of understanding each person's unique skin, and works around their needs to make everyone walk out with the perfect skin they have always wanted. All the products she uses are natural and work unbelievably well. I have sent all of my close friends to Mitra and even after just one treatment they notice a difference! My skin bows down to the genius of Mitra Mansouri every day!" - Katherine Schwarzenegger

Kirsten Thordarson "I had the good fortune of being referred to Mitra at C'est Tout when I began high school. I came to her for the first five years or so because I had terrible acne on my face. I was not comfortable with how I looked, and I know I was not pleasant to deal with as a result of that. Mitra was kind and understanding when it came to how she interacted with me. As far as the results, seeing her for facials and various skin treatments improved my skin more than anything my dermatologist had done. Since then I trust no one else when it comes to my skin. - Kirsten Thordarson

Michelle Behennah Milchan"I've been seeing Mitra at "C'est Tout" for almost 5 years and I have to say my skin has never looked better! She really helped me with breakouts and dullness by using various types of exfoliation techniques to take off dead skin cells leaving my skin clearer and brighter than it's ever been before! Mitra really customizes each facial, sometimes I need a thorough cleaning and other times I just want to look great for a special event, whatever the case may be Mitra always delivers! I can't say enough about this wonder lady and her extensive knowledge of skin and beauty." - Michelle Behennah Milcha

"My daughter and I have been coming to C'est Tout for 8 years. My daughter had been struggling with acne and the doctors wanted her on medicine. After coming to Mitra she no longer required medication. Her face never looked better! not only did Mitra give her the correct products but she also showed her the correct way to clean her face.
I had suffered from roscea for many years. Mitra was able to clear it up and keep it away with the proper facials and products. Not only is she a miracle worker with our faces, she is a wonderful woman who has become a close friend to both of us. Coming to her store is always highlight for both of us. I have recommended her to many of my close friends who thank me profusely for sharing the best kept secret!" - Jane Porter

 Maria Shriver Testimonial"I have known Mitra for over 25 years, she does the best facials and she gives it to you straight. If you're lucky enough to get to see her, your skin will thank you." - Maria Shriver

Nancy Josephson Testimonial"I have been a client of Mitra's for over 20 years and she has always used the latest technologies and techniques available in skincare. Her products are great and her knowledge and instincts as good as any dermatologist I have ever seen. She happens to also be a very generous person who gives back to the community whenever she sees a need. You cannot find a better beautician than Mitra." - Nancy Josephson

Judi Jacobs Testimonial"I have been a client of Mitra's since 1990. Through all life stages, she has kept my skin healthy and glowing---pregnancy, sun exposure, aging. Her knowledge and experience is unparalleled. She has taken care of my children through adolescence and severe to mild acne and breakouts through young adulthood. They are in their 20s and 30s and are devotees of Mitra without question--sons and daughters alike. Not only is her professional skin care top notch. I am a lawyer with a large family. Her gift baskets and gift services are beautiful. Every year, through holidays, birthdays, weddings, I can count on Mitra to put together luxurious, beautiful, unique gifts for all budget ranges I need. I highly recommend Mitra and C'est Tout. " - Judi Jacobs

Susan Disney Lord Testimonial"I just stumbled upon Mitra about a year ago and I'm wondering, why am I just meeting this amazing woman? Mitra looks closely at YOUR skin and treats you as YOU need to be treated. I am 57 and constantly receive compliments on my skin these days, and I'm a girl who spent her early life getting way too much sun. The best part is, you're in and outin 30 minutes, it's all business, and all rewards!'  -Susan Disney Lord