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Baobab Collection - Black Panther

$ 159.00

Baobab has its roots in Africa and the Safari collection is inspired by the incredible African wildlife. Black Panther (Black Panther) is one of three different models in iconic black and white skins, which have partnered to create a modern and elegant collection. Safari celebrates the rise of Africa in the world of contemporary fashion. With spicy and woodsy, the fragrance is subtle, wild and masculine. Aroma: Patchouli, cinnamon and lemon confit.  

  • Fragrance notes: black rose, oud wood
  • Dimensions: H3.9″ or H6.3"
  • Weight: 1.1lbs or 2.2lbs.
  • Burn time: 60hrs or 150hrs
  • Five wicks for even burning
  • Glass holder in a pearlescent opal hue
  • Adorned with black flecks reminiscent of feathers
  • Available in two sizes