Cabin Moose Short Mukluk Slipper

Lazy One

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Our Cabin Moose Short mukluk gives you all the comfort you will need in a shorter mukluk. Featuring our dark moose fair isle design, it will had some style to outfit. These cozy mukluks are double-layered for extra warmth, coming to just above the ankle with a snug top. And in imitation of the trends set by the Eskimo and Inuit, each faux suede leather slipper is hand-stitched for an authentic mukluk look! When it comes to functional footwear, we've got all the right styles from the lands of the frozen chosen.

• Thick Acrylic Knit uppers that reach to above the ankle

• Faux suede bottom blanket stitched to knit

• Preshrunk


S/M - Women Shoe 4-7; Men 2-5