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Esteban Diffuser - Fig Noire

$ 69.00

FIGUE NOIRE - Scented Bouquet (Diffuser) 250 ml
A fruity woody perfume.
Key notes: black figs, violet leaves, fig wood, sandalwood, feigenholz, & sandelholz

Gift box contains vase, deco filler, ceramic lid, 20 perfume sticks (22 cm / 8.6 in.), and scented bouquet refill (250 ml / 8.45 fl.oz.).
Gift box: 30 X 18.5 X 7.5 cm / 11.75 X 7.25 X 3 in.
Composed of vegetal sticks plunged into a scented solution, the scented bouquet perfumes your home for several weeks.
Once all the scented solution has been diffused, a choice of 12 perfumes and new sticks can be used refresh the product.